Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day

Well this is just an update on our lives. Yesterday Cameron woke up feeling very sick and got worse as the day went on. Thursday I had a doctor apt. So Renita Hoblit kept the older two while I went to that. when I got back to her house at two or so I discovered that Pierce had almost 103 degrees temp. so I called from Renita's house to get an appointment which was at four thirty later that afternoon. Then Morgen decided that she had to eat NOW! So we stayed there for another twenty min. to feed her. Neither one of the children had, had naps so they fell asleep on the way home. By the time we got home they only got to sleep for about forty five minutes before we had to leave. They are never very happy when they get woke up before they are ready. I dropped Shakira off at Cam's Aunt Charlene's house and off we went to the doctor for the second time that day. SHOCK! He had an ear infection. He gets them every month to month and a half.Generally he never complains about them. One time his eardrum busted before I even knew they were infected. He woke up screaming and we thought he was just having a nit terror, cause he had had one the nite before and generally when he has one he has a second one, but the next morning there was blood on the out side of his ear. I felt terrible for not catching it. Does anyone elses kid just charge on like normal when they are sick? Cause most of the time I have to happen to feel thier forheads to even know they have a fever. So any way my whole day was completely shot and I needed to get about one hundred bean bags done before Friday nite.I did get them done by the way. Wednesday was spent recovering from my activities on Tuesday. I took all three kids to go grocery shopping and about four other stops. I was ready to drop the older two off at the nearest orphanage by the time the day was done. Morgen was an angel the whole five or more hours we were gone. I want my mother-in-law back!!!!!! She by the way is in California with my newest niece and is coming home the twenty-first, Alleluia! Monday, which was never good any way, was not very productive. So really I got nothing done all week and now i am wishing I would not have wrote this cause now I am getting a Little upset about not accomplishing much. Anyways back to my Valentine's day. On Thursday when I went to Renitas to pick up the kids she mentioned that her and Aaron Were not going to get to go to a party on Saturday nite that they were really looking forward to because they did not have a babysitter. So I volunteered Cameron and I 's services as babysitters so they could go to the party. They have five children so there would be a total of eight children so we just decided that it would be easier to do it at their house since we have a 14 by 70 trailer. So any way you can probably guess who ended up babysitting by their self since their husband was sick, and he really was,I know cause I took his temp. I was pretty confident that it would be fine by myself though so we did not cancel. Mostly I just wanted to prove to my self that I could do it. It did go very well, thanks to their older daughter Bronwyn. She helped me find pjs and all the other thing the younger children needed. The youngest two are pretty much the same age as my oldest two so they played together well. Deitrich kept telling me that he really liked "that baby"(morgen) and Pierce would say "That's my baby!" Aaron and Renita got home around eleven forty- five. I was able to get all their children to bed by ten and cam came and got Pierce and Shakira at about nine cause Morgen was screaming her head off and I was not being able to get my two to bed. It really was alot of fun and I was glad to be able to pay Renita back for all the times she has helped me out with my kids. Shakira woke up this morning with 101 degrees so we decided not to go to church. Hopefully we will be there next week. Well that's all I have to say.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Three Phases of Pierce's Hair Cut

About a month ago.

I was wanting to give him a bowl cut and I think that I was successful but then I saw something that I needed to fix. So I tried to fix it, but then he jerked bad, so..............................

we ended up with this. I was so upset cause I had been growing out his hair for the cut I had given him in the above picture. Guess I'll have to wait a couple of months.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

new pictures of the children

Pierce and Shakira in our new recliner

A full lap

Sleeping beauty!

Who needs santa I've got grandparents!
She is two months in both of these pictures.

New Additions

Praise the Lord For these newest additions to our family.

Miss Petra Brielle Root
Born- January 30th 7:30 am California time
Weight: 7lbs 1oz
Length:18 inches
Delivered via c-section. Autumn is Cameron's sister for those of you who don't know her.
She seems to be doing better than she did with the last c-section, so we are very thankful for that.

Miss Lucinda Kate Markley

Born: February 4th 5:11pm Kansas time
Weight: 6lbs 0.7oz
Length: 18 inches

This is my baby sister! Another one! Now I have 3 of them.
I guess the only way I'll get brothers is for them to marry my sisters. An easy way to identify the members of my family is that we have all been born with next to no hair. Although with Morgen having all the hair she has I am starting to think that it is a blessing. It gets dirty so fast and is hard to get the cradle cap out of.She was born vaginally and I'm pretty sure "The Natural Way!" with out all the losing control stuff, and morphine though
I'm pretty sure, cause they knew what was coming! Please refer to an earlier post to know what I am talking about. Also for those who did not know I have an older little sister that is about 14 months old her name is Serena Joy. Daddy And Mom had her at home not knowing that the placenta had started to malfunction and that Serena was in very bad shape. Her shoulders got stuck and they had to pull her out and when she was born she was a very dark purple. to make a long story short and because I almost cry when I think about it we almost lost her and mom, due to excessive bleeding, and Serena was in the hospital for several weeks. So we were a little scared when we heard that this little one was on the way. We praise the Lord for safe delivery and that Mom is alright.

Monday, January 26, 2009

We have been told that our kids look alike so I thought I would post thier new born pictures and see if you can tell who is who. I had this up one other time but when I had problems with my comments I lost this post. They are black and white cause it would be a lot easier if they were color. Morgen's will probably be the easiest since she is the newest.

Why does time fly so quickly?

It doesn't seem like it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted last. I did get my entire house cleaned and have actually been able to keep it up. I also made a menu for two weeks of meals and made my shopping list off of it. In case your wondering why I'm saying this it is because I never do this. I just go shopping and get what I think I might need and then hope I can make something out of it. and then I get mad because I don't know what to fix for super and I fret about it all day till I think I'll go mad. So now I wake up and know what I am fixing that day and also know that I have all the ingredients. I have not always been this disorganized, but ever since I started having children I guess I thought I did not have time for lists and such. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. By all means though this is not a habit yet, it seems to take me for ever to do something on a regular basis till it becomes habit. Usually I Only get to the one month mark and quit cause I think it's to hard. I know it's lousy. You can pray for me in this area cause I know my husband is to. I
think he enjoys actually getting a good meal at nite and not something I threw together with the ingredients I had on hand. Doing all this has also helped my mood as well. I think I'm going through some postpartum depression. Cause I just don't feel like my self lately. In fact I haven't for the past 4 or five years. After my mom was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in Jan of o4,getting pregnant in Dec of 04 , losing her in february of 05 and two more babies since then I guess maby I am felling a little over whelmed.I hardly get adjusted to my new baby and then I'm pregnant and sick again and don't feel like doing anything.And no I am not trying to tell you that I am pregnant again, God forbid! Some times I wonder if I haven't had the baby blues for about 3 and 1/2 yrs solid. This time seems a little worse cause I am questioning my salvation and not wanting to have a relationship with Christ anymore and feel so completely alone right now.This really bothers me cause even when I have had depression before I have never felt this way about my spiritual life. Has anyone ever felt this after a pregnancy? I feel so stupid . It's like my mind is telling me that I'm not saved but, my heart screams at me at the same time saying it is not so. Arg it is so confusing at the time. I know I should listen to what my heart tells me but my mind seems to overwhelm me.It feels like a battle.I have always been told that it was a constant battle but I guess I have never felt it so real before. But then again I don't think I have ever been this tired before either, and I can not cope with things at all when I am tired. Cameron and I are wanting to join at grace but I have been holding back because of how I am feeling right now. Please pray that the Lord will clear my mind so that I can take this step forward with my husband. It has been the desire of our hearts to join but first we wanted to make sure we were going to be staying here and now I feel like such a failure spiritually that I don't know if I can go through that process from my heart. I don't want to give answers that are what I know Danny will want to hear when we become members, I want them to come from what I know to be truth in my heart. I am tired of acting like what I know I am supposed to. But if I act like what I feel now I don't think anyone would want me around! Well now that you know what I really am like right now:{ Sorry. I just needed to write this out cause it makes me feel better. Besides I think my struggle must be written on my face or something cause I have had several people come up and ask me how I'm REALLY doing, cause they said I looked frazzled. And I definatly do.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I think I got this comment thing fixed

Well if any of you tried to post a comment you would know that it was screwed up. I am happy to announce that I got it fixed at least for now. I heard this song the other day by Ray Stevens. I thought it was so funny so I decided to share it with you.
When we were having our first baby
The wife said to me maby we should have this baby
The natural way
With out drugs or medication but in peaceful meditation
We'll start this child out on its merry way
So we enrolled into a school and learned to breathe both
Out and in then proudly told our family and our friends
We're having a baby the natural way
We're having a baby we're happy to say
this child will enter into life in sweet tranquillity
the way the old folks did it all down through history
Queens and peasants have both done it so just how hard can it be?
We're having a baby the natural way
our reluctant obstetrician made just one one condition
We could have the child naturally but in a delivery room.
So we kept breathing and rehearsing till the day came for the birthing
Then my wife said sweetly to me" lets go dear the baby's' coming soon
So I grabbed our bags and got her there and got her all checked in
But neither one of us was ready for all that happened when
She started having that baby the natural way
She started hiving that baby and I'm sorry to say
Well there was yelling screaming bleeding
And the cursing of my name,
we forgot how to breathe when the labor really came
Then she yelled Nobody told me that there would be this much pain
I'm not having this baby the natural way.
Then I said Now now honey pant and puff
She said Shut your mouth I've had enough
then from the pit of hell there came a primal scream
She grabbed me in a tight choke hold grabbed the doctor by the stethoscope
then a voice from the exorcist said GIVE ME MORPHINE
They gave her a shot she relaxed her grip and I passed out on the floor
The baby came she did just fine in fact we've had two more
But we didn't have those babies the natural way
We had those babies I'm happy to say
In an air conditioned hospital with every modern aid
With syringes full of the very best pain killers ever made
You can bet your life theres one thing that you'll never hear us say
We're having a baby the natural way
You know it just ain't natural having a baby the natural way
Hey doc could we get a little more pain killer over here
Thank you! I think my wife could use a little to.
We're not having a baby the natural way.
I have had a good laugh more than once over this song. Sorry if you think I'm weird but if I don't have a laugh every once in while I'll lose my mind. It just reminded me of how our expectations of our first birth will be are so far removed from reality. I assure you that mine were brought back with shock by about the third contraction on the sixth of September of 2005.
Anyway I got 600 bean bags finished up on Monday that I started last Wednesday. It felt nice to actually finish some thing that I started I am very blessed with another very contented baby.The other two seem to be the ones who take the most time.Between feeding, correcting, wiping bottoms, changing diapers and baths there is hardly time for fixing meals, doing laundry, and keeping the house picked up. I have not even tried to clean the house for about 2 months now, maby I will get to that next week. Well I am tiered so I'd better go.